"Mike has been writing my training programs for two years now ... I spend less time training but have got faster and fitter with enjoyment. ... I fully trust his advice on all aspects of my race preparation and use his own dedication, commitment and achievements as an inspiration ..."

Sue Crowe

The Coach

Coaching-350Mike Le Roux is a certified trainer with a Diploma of Fitness. Mike has a focus on coaching athletes looking to perform well in ultra or endurance running and triathlon events.

Using Training Peaks for the ultimate training software, Mike's training programs aim to provide a focused and consistent approach to your training, and he encourages feedback in all areas of your progress to develop a routine that works for you. Each training program is tailored with the intention of giving you the best opportunity to achieve your specific goals.

The Training Program is;

  • Individually Designed
  • Tailored To Your Lifestyle, Needs & Goals
  • Structured To Your Fitness Level
  • Presented to you in 4 week time blocks

All training programs include detailed information about each session covering distance, time, pace, effort required and other relevant instructions. Mike works on a minimum of 20 weeks focused training programming for endurance events/goals as this is the time required for maximum benefit.

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