Mike Le Roux

2012 2nd overall in the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning

2012 Fastest Australian time for the Western States 100

2012 3rd overall for the Vermont 100 and record holder for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in the event - 16hrs 11min

2011 Fastest Australian time for 100 miles (160km) on trails - Glasshouse 100

2010 World Ultraman Champion

Mike Le Roux is a South Africa born, naturalized Australian living in the USA in a quintessential mountain town in Colorado, nestled at 7,200ft. Mike has had a successful athletic career that could in no way be construed as traditional. His success spans triathlon, running, mountain biking, ultra endurance, adventure racing, and endurance horse racing. The only thread between these are that all his racing was at the pointy end of the ultra and endurance spectrum. Mike's forfeit is to be out of his comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of what he thought possible for his body, by overcoming the objections of his mind.

Among other things, Mike has run across the Moroccan Sahara in seven days; traversed 100 kms of the iconic Kokoda Trek in the jungles of equatorial Papua new Guinea in 20 hours; won the 3 day endurance triathlon in Hawaii to be crowned Ultraman World Champion; smashed the Australian trail course record for 100 miles in the Glasshouse mountains and holds a silver medal at the prestigious Comrades Marathon in South Africa. He left his mark on the trails of the USA when he completed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running (four of the oldest and toughest 100 mile events in under 11 weeks). Currently Mike has been inspired by a Colorado lifestyle to bring endurance horse riding into the fray. He is training for 100 miles across the Western States in California in the Tevis Cup, but this time it will be a combination of running and riding his arabian partner Stoli Hot Shots.

Mike is:

In all Mike has tackled, the common denominator in reaching any of his crazy, hairy audacious goals is his own philosophy of 'More than the Finish Line’, a way to stay motivated and focussed throughout. He is a successful keynote speaker who has inspired many people, in all spheres of life, to get out of their comfort zones and seize opportunities in their life and work, using the tools of his philosophy to reach goals they didn’t think were possible.

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