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Ultraman World Championships Hawaii 2010 Race Report

Thursday, 3rd December 2010

I had intended to write this post race update for many days but in reading through the three update emails / blogs I think I managed to cover the sequence of events.


Ultraman; Day 3 update

Wednesday, 1st December 2010

Thanks so much for the many, many texts, emails, calls, messages etc. I really appreciate it. A very overwhelming day so I will keep this blog short and get some sleep then write a proper race report soon, and upload some photos.


Ultraman; Day 2 update

Saturday, 27th November 2010

Typical of the mystical Volcanoes National Park, we had a misty, cold morning to start on the bike, so I had all my warm weather gear packed on. Had a great night's sleep, a good feed and I was ready for a big day in the saddle.


Ultraman; Day 1 update

Friday, 26th November 2010

Started the swim with calm conditions and a light wind, perfect clear water – could see right to the bottom. No strong currents either and although a couple of people swam into jellyfish and blue bottles, I didn't see any sea life this time round.


Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thursday, 25th November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're just about to head off to the Ultraman thanksgiving breakfast and final briefing before the race start tomorrow morning. Yesterday we managed to get quite a bit done in terms of shopping for race supplies and packing kit for the race, also went to registration and picked up all the paraphernalia.


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