Change in focus

Tuesday, 16th February 2010

Disappointingly I have had to change my plans for the Canberra Marathon (incl. AURA 50km champs). Due to a number of legal issues surrounding ownership of the race, the Minister for Sport has declined to approve the necessary road closures and permits in time for race day until the legalities have been rectified.

However, it does look like the Canberra Running Festival will now be held on the 1st and 2nd May. Unfortunately because of the North Face 100 on the 15th May, it leaves it a bit tight for a two week recovery between racing a 50km and 100km at full potential back to back.

So I have revised the program for a brutal 13 week lead up to The North Face 100. In addition to this year's races, I have also applied to Ultraman Canada for a place in the line up for the 30th July. Subject to acceptance, I'll have to plough straight into Ultraman training the week after TNF.

Secretly I'm glad that Marathon training is now over, as it reduces the amount of speed sessions I need to do during the week. Who wants to run uncomfortably fast in Cairns in mid-summer? Any speed I do during the week now becomes bonus work. In reality I am still doing some quick sessions, it just takes the pressure off.


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