Official start to the season

Sunday, 31st January 2010

My training diary for this week was a bit leaner than usual. Until now I have been "ad libbing" with sessions, filming runs, swimming erratically, and in general just enjoying being fit without having a goal.

So as the end of January draws to a close, so does the fun stuff. In 10 weeks I will be running the AURA 50km Champs in Canberra, which includes the Canberra Marathon. 5 weeks after that I head down to the Blue Mountains to have a second go at the The North Face 100. For both of these it will be my second attempt which generally comes with some pressure - can I beat my previous times???, and better my position. Those are obviously "nice to have's", but the main focus is just being able to race and particularly with the TNF100, being is such a spectacular venue.

With this in mind I wrote myself a 15 week Macro program taking in both events. When I nailed it down to the micro cycles of the marathon / 50km program, I quickly realised that 10 weeks is not a long time to build up a decent speed platform. So I decided that I almost needed a mini taper before the official start of the program and training season.

The theory was to take 4 days off from Thursday to Sunday, leading into the first week fresh. By Friday night I was ropable, resulting in a 17km tempo run on Saturday morning and a flog fest in the pool in the arvo. Managed to squeeze out 14:48 for a 1km effort (the second of 2km's). Today saw me tempo run the McDonalds Track to the Baron Station with the excuse that I wanted to see what the falls looked like after all the rain yesterday. I even took my head cam and did a whole mini documentary which failed to record as I hadn't actually pushed the record button hard enough.

So with Monday looming, I'm not as fresh as I'd hoped to be, but still pumped with the weekend. I'll deal with Monday when it comes.



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