2010 The long road ahead

Sunday, 3rd January 2010


Four weeks from Ultraman and I've finally shaken the minor depression I suffered from having an awesome end to 2009.


The last few weeks have been great. Training has had no structure, whenever, whatever, just keep moving forward has been the motto. As I look ahead to what 2010 will bring, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the year. After updating my prospective race calendar, it appears a bit daunting. Talking up a few races here and there is easy, quantifying them in writing is a different story. It appears as though I have about a month between major ultra's towards the end of the year. The front half of the year is a bit cruisy, however, from July onwards it gets a bit nasty.


So as the first week of January starts, I will be starting to crank out some bigger mileage and time on the feet. I have undertaken to maintain my swimming base over the year, as it is definitely the hardest discipline to try and pick up when trying to cram for a race. Swimming is also an awesome cross-training activity and will force me to stay off my legs seven days a week.


So with 362 days left to go, the long road of training, racing, recovery begins.

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