Post Ultraman

Tuesday, 15th December 2009


It has now been two weeks since the Ultraman and I still feel a bit empty. I think most people have post race blues - I'm no different.


On the upside, I can now get out and use some of my fitness for fun. There is no more training program on the fridge and I am liberated to do what I want, when I want. However, this is supposed to be a period of downtime. A period to enjoy all things Christmas - which generally means indulging in things that would not normally pass my lips on any other day of the year.


I am not good at this, and almost need coaching on how to relax. Aside from the battle of giving in to unnecessary calories, I have lost the battle of taking time out from exercise. Two weeks since the race and I've somehow managed to cram in swimming, gym, biking and running (sometimes twice in a day). Again, without the parameter of a program, the mental aspect of getting out there is greatly reduced. I operate on the basis of waking up without the alarm clock, and then deciding on the morning what it is I want to do. This keeps it fun, and takes the anxiety out of making everything count towards something.


Over the next few weeks I will nail down my 2010 race calendar, but as it stands, twenty ten is the year of 100mile running.


Signing out from Gove Library (Nhulunbuy).

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