Ultraman Day 3 - over the finish line

6am start at Hawi, 84 kms back to Kona to finish the circumnavigation of the Big Island. I started the day in 2nd overall with three others close behind me. The top 8 guys went out really fast. I decided to race my own race, took the pressure off myself and really started slower and built into it. But by 42km I had managed to get myself in 6th position in 3hrs 30mins. It was hot, windy and undulating, fortunately not as hot as Cairns though!

I reeled in another two guys before the end and finished in 7 hrs 4 mins, only 2 mins behind the 3rd place guy. That puts in me in fourth place overall for the event in a cumulative time of 23 hrs 7 mins.

I'm really pleased with the result, I felt I gave it my all on each stage and when I look at the calibre of athletes ahead of me, I'm just happy to be amongst it. I'm the only rookie ultraman in the top 10 positions, and their experience showed.

Day 1: 10km swim, 145km cycle

Day 2: 276km cycle

Day 3: 84km run

Total time 23hrs 07 mins

Thanks again for all your support, interest and messages. It really helps to know that you're out there.



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