Ultraman Hawaii - Race Week

Thursday, 26th November 2009

Well I finally made it through the preparation and to Hawaii. Kona is an awesome holiday destination, however with the knowledge of what lies ahead somehow casts a small shadow over the overall enjoyment of relaxation.

The week so far has been uneventful. Which is great. I have managed to get in some good short runs, rides, and a few swims. We hired a mini removal van as our support vehicle, and although it is just Kirst, and our gun Team Captain (Ironman Swim Course Director - Jan War), we are guaranteed heaps of space. We have just wrapped up final race weekend preparations. The van is stocked and ready to go. The time is now 20:31 (Kona time) and we are scheduled for a 4:30am wake up for a 6:30am race start.

Our hotel room has overlooked the ocean and the course over which we will be swimming. It doesn't look half as bad from four floors up - lets hope the "aquarium" as the locals put it, is a friendly one.

We will endeavour to update this section on a daily basis, however communication may be poor on the eastern side of the Island. No doubt there will be some info passed out by Sunday.

Thanks to all who SMS's and phoned. Your support and wishes are well appreciated.


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