Ultraman World Championships – Hawaii

Sunday, 11th October 2009

It is a long story which started out while having a conversation with a Spanish dude on the marathon stage of the Marathon des Sables in March 2008. The conversation ended up talking around triathlon, specifically Ironman, and then somehow bizarrely on the Ultraman - A 3-day, 320-mile (515-kilometer) individual ultra-endurance event which takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Entry is limited to 35 participants and is by invitation only.

Josef Ajram was the bloke who I was talking to, and he had recently done the Ultraman in November of the previous year.

After the MdS I left the thought of triathlon for a while, focussing specifically on ultra-running. At the beginning of this year, a close friend of mine, Karen Doane suggested that I look into Ultraman, indicating that she could possibly help out with logistics, as she used to live in Kona, Hawaii, and has already supported the race on one occasion before.

It must be a sign - twice in a year is enough to make me think it was fate. In early June before heading off to the Comrades Marathon in South Africa I registered my interest with the race director of Ultraman, and paid a deposit. Entry is limited to 35 participants and is by invitation only. It wasn't long after that I was advised that I would be placed on a wait list. At that stage I was 5th on the list with pretty much no hope of getting a ganders.

As the months moved by I was training the house down to run in my first 100 mile run scheduled for mid-September. Unfortunately I sustained an Achilles Tendinitis injury and was forced to pull the pin. For the rest of August and the entire month of September I did not run. I swam / did some gym / and gardened. Pretty woeful indeed.

Then at the start of October I started to increase the swimming, started to run, and started riding again. A week into October and I was advised that I had been accepted to race in the Ultraman in Hawaii at the end of November. TOTALLY UNREAL. I have 8 weeks left until race day to race in one of the most prestigious events in the world. Right now I am still coming to terms with the concept - the bonus is that I don't have time to over think it. It will be what it will be - whatever that is, I am sure that it will be another awesome experience.

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