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Thursday, 22nd September 2009

The last few weeks have been tough. Missing the 100 miler because of injury was tough. However the rehab has been going well and I've managed to channel my energy into some strength training sessions as well as a few swims. The aim is to build my leg strength up again so that my transition back into running, (although gradual), will hopefully not have a big impact on the Achilles area.

A mate of mine from Melbourne stayed with us this week, in preparation for Kona in 3 weeks. Knowing that I couldn't run and envious that I was unable to join him on any of the big sessions, the only thing I could do was to ramp up the pool work. By the time Robbo got to us I was up to 3km sessions. I have never enjoyed swimming that much, and I can confirm that it is even less inspiring when you do not have a goal and all you are doing is swimming because you cannot run. Mind numbing to say the least. Nevertheless I have been plugging away at it and seemed to manage ok against an athlete 3 weeks out from an Ironman.

With Robbo at the house everything revolved around triathlon. The TT bike, the gear, the magazines etc. Each day I looked at my TT frame hanging on the wall reminiscing about the old days. My last Ironman was Hawaii in 2006, and since then I have raced one Xterra earlier this year.

Saturday was the Cairns Crocs Long Course triathlon at Port Douglas. We went up for Robbo to have a last hit out at race pace. My plan was to do the swim individually and then hang around and go home as soon as Paul came in. However, about 15mins before race start I was suddenly signing up for a team event with Julie Sager and Michelle.

The swim was undoubtedly one of the worst I've experienced. It was extremely choppy and nobody could get into a rhythm.........except for the Pro's. A weak excuse for lack of swim training. I managed to get into a small group and we powered through the chop for both of the 1km loops. I handed over to Julie, who was on fire and smoked the bike in 2hrs 15 min. Jules then handed over to Michelle, who after running 10km in the morning before the race (having no idea that she would be racing later in the day), proceeded to eat up the 20km in a cracking pace. We finished overall in 4 hrs 32 minutes. Not a bad effort for a last minute decision.

With such an accelerated exposure to triathlon over the last week and a half, I have decided to tackle an Ironman next year. I haven't decided on a particular race, but think that the early part of the year will be good, due to some goals I have set for later on. I think I have regained the passion for all three disciplines again - so long as I can maintain a regular swimming regime, the rest should be straight forward.

The inspiration gained from watching everyone on Saturday has helped me in my rehab. I have a renewed vigor and sense of purpose.


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