Ironman Australia 2005 Race Report

Race: Ironman Australia

Date: 3rd April 2005

Location: Forster-Tuncurry

Format: Ironman Triathlon, 3.8km swim / 180.1km bike / 42.2kkm run


Ironman-Australia-2005-1One year later and I had an idea of what to expect this time. My training was not overly different to that from the previous year, although somehow qualification by experience makes a huge difference when going into an Ironman. Experience being one Ironman race prior......still better than none.

This year the swim was a wetsuit swim and was obviously a lot easier than the year before. I got off to a good start in the swim and was on the bike in an hour after starting.

With another year of base training and confidence I was able to ride harder and was flying until I hit a huge wall at the 150km turn around. Throughout the bike course I was constantly checking which of the squad members I was ahead of or behind and calculating times between sightings. At 150km Clint van Beveren, a good friend and training partner pulled past me and shouted' ‘how you going mate?', and then rode off into the distance. This was not how I had planned things and immediately self-doubt crept into my race plan.
Should I bury myself chasing Clint down and perhaps have to walk the entire marathon, or hang on for the last 30km of the bike, eat and drink and hope like hell that I come good for the run. I opted for the second option and dropped my speed by about 5km per hour. In reality this was not going to lose me heaps of time, but would just take enough intensity to allow me to recover.


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