Road to recovery

Wednesday, 26th August 2009

After a frustrating 9 days of virtually no activity - well, except for a handfull of gym sessions, I finally started swimming again. It actually felt as though I was swimming uphill. I wasn't quite gliding through the water the way I had imagined.

I will try and get some consistency into the pool sessions, as well as add in multiple pool running sessions. I think I have finally found a pool deep enough to sustain me at a full gallop without my feet touching the was the case last week at Tobruk.

The long and the short of it is, I have over used my tibialis posterior muscle which has caused the tendon to pull and rub around the lower end of my ankle and achilles tendon. Apart from rest and management of the injury, there is pretty much not a lot I can do but wait. Because it is not an impact related injury, more so a muscle contraction and trauma injury, even riding tends to cause some problems as it causes the calf to work which eventually stiffens and refers pain to the tendon again.

Ecery now and then I get a glimpse that recovery is on the horizon, only to overdo it with a 30 min treadmill run or over zealous trigger point massage.

The reality is that I may have to miss the 100 mile race in two weeks if I am to maintain longevity in the sport. Temporarily it is disappointing, but when I look over the year and reflect of what I have achieved, I am not too worried about. It has been a huge year of racing and mileage - this is the break that I needed but could never force myself to take.

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