Open Source Athlete - March 2014 Edition

Friday, 28th February 2014

Climb that mountain……is what I tell myself every time I open the front door and leave the house.

February has been a fantastic month. However what I did learn was that the so-called “curve” part in the “learning curve” was actually vertical with no curve. So in essence, a ”learning vertical”.

Continuing along the theme of living outside of my comfort zone, this month I purchased a horse. Big Shooter is a 5 and ½ yr old Arabian Gelding with a short track racing background. He was taken off the track 2 years ago and sold to some awesome people locally. However, he is a handful, dominant, athletic and young. 


I went to see him with a good friend of mine Terry Wilson, who is a Parelli Professional. Before long Terry was riding Shooter and suggested that we loan him for a week to get his measure.

I returned to New Mexico a week later to trailer the boy home for his weeklong trial run in Pagosa. Terry worked him every day and made some excellent progress. I would go down and stand and watch to see how easy he made things look. It made for some of the most inspirational viewing. Watching someone like Terry who seems so natural, takes away the nervousness……..until its your turn!

We rode together, we swapped horses – life is good. On Monday I took over Shooter full time, and it was at this point that the curve started to straighten and become exponentially steeper.

Shooter and I have had some positive experiences this week – sharing what we both know, me learning from him, and him learning from me. As the saying goes, “it is just getting wet saddle blankets” – time in the saddle.

So as the last day of February passes for this year, I finished it on a good solo note. We rode, we conquered some fears, and we bonded another day. 

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