Open Source Athlete - February 2014 Edition

Sunday, 2nd February 2014

There’s an old saying that goes, “how do you eat an elephant in one sitting – one bite at a time!

January has just flown by and there has hardly been enough daylight hours to get done the stuff I love doing. Since my last post, life ramped up another notch, with every day having an almost vertical learning curve.

I became fully immersed in training for my first 50-mile endurance horse ride in mid-March. If that concept was not hard enough for someone with no equine background, it was made slightly more challenging living in the mountains dealing with icy road conditions and mostly daytime temps of 10 to 25 F.

I learnt how to trailer a horse, sometimes two. I learnt how to efficiently boot and suit my guy in pretty quick time before a ride. I learnt the art of tailing – holding onto the horses tail while he pulls me at speed up a hill. I’m still learning the intricacies of nutrition and metabolic symptoms. I learnt about heart rates for horses, different recovery rates, and how my ability to run a few miles with the horse significantly helps that rate of recovery.

Some great teachers and mentors made all of this possible. The greatest of all being Sonny – An 18 yr Arab Gelding who has allowed me to explore, experiment and give me the latitude to develop.

Every now and then the idea of where I am heading, the goal I have set myself, and the ups and downs in the interim become slightly overwhelming. It is good to have long-term audacious goals, but the trick to achieving them is to take life one-step at a time, live in the moment, focus on the NOW, and enjoy what you have today. These simple steps allow you to focus on the important details – sustainably.

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