Open Source Athlete - December Edition

Tuesday, 4th December 2012

New beginnings - end of a big year, start of something new

With the year winding down, and only a few more days until the drawing of the 2013 Western States lottery, I cannot believe that it has been a full year since I started out with my plan for 2012.

One year ago I received a coverted spot for the WS100 and with that I promptly entered the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. Having now been back home for almost as long as I was in the USA, I have had the chance to reflect back on a great year of training and racing.

Once I had got my mojo back after Wasatch, I slowly started to ramp it up again in the hope that I could use this awesome base of fitness for one last crack before Christmas. I was lucky enough to get a last minute entry into the Solar Eclipse Adventure Marathon up at Port Douglas in Far Northern Tropical Queensland. Awesome - except that it is in November, so temps were in the of 30 degrees C upwards, with an almost intolerable humidity percentage.

Having been firmly entrenched into the Paleo way of living since September, I was eager to review how racing would potentially be enhanced the Paleo lifestyle. It did not disappoint. The race was tough because of the environmental and course factors, but I was able to muscle through for a reasonable time - more importantly though, was the speed at which I was able to recover from the race and resume an informal training routine to finish off the rest of the year.

Whilst loving life, eating well and running hard - in the background, I still had a huge gorilla on my back, in fact it was also playing a grand piano. I had started the application process for a Non-Immigrant US Work Visa. I had begun the process in mid-August.

During my time in Colorado (July, August, Sept) I was staying with my good buddy Morgan Murri. Through our intense training sessions, and even more intense discussions it became clear that there was an opportunity for someone driven and passionate about a healthy, fit, mountain lifestyle, to make a change in peoples lives through giving back to the sport, putting on some great races, holding training camps at altitude, and coaching athletes accross a broad spectrum of disciplines. Not to mention that living a few hours away from Leadville, Silverton and Durango will hopefully also improve my ability to run at altiude over 100 miles. Bring it on.

Over the weekend I received confirmation that the petition process and subsequent O-1 Visa had been approved. Christmas had come early, although the process is not done yet. The missus and I still need to attend an interview within the next few weeks to get the visa accross the line.

Our plan is to be in the US by early new year at which point we will be basing ourselves in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It is an exciting chapter in our lives and we are looking forward to the challenges that moving house, jobs and countries bring. 

So, in keeping with mantra of going out hard and hanging on, my 2013 resolution is to continue to be a 'comfort zone avoider'.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




#1 Morgan Murri 2012-12-05 08:47
Welcome to a whole new world my friend(s)! Can't wait to see what the future brings and can't wait to hammer the trails and the series of events and activities with you!
Rock on!

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