Open Source Athlete - June Edition

Monday, 4th June 2012

Ultra Viral

While I still keep a copy of Tim Noakes' Lore of Running on my bedside table, I find that more and more of my research and inspiration for ultra-running comes from the internet (and ideas for insane races to add to my bucket list): websites, blogs, podcasts, portals and resources.

I thought I'd use this week's blog to share a few of my favourite podcasts and bookmarked websites with you, in case you also need information or inspiration.

The first is a Big Plug for a podcast I featured in last week, with passionate runner Coach Jeff .Coach Jeff talked to me for about 40 minutes on my training and plans for my upcoming Grand Slam in the USA.

Listen to it here (PODCAST #054) at

For other podcasts I also frequently download interviews from

If you want the latest news in ultra-running, and interviews with Elite runners locally and overseas, then check out Ultra168 (they have just uploaded an interview with Dave Eadie and me about his upcoming race at Badwater and my Grand Slam attempt). Another good resource is online e-zine: Trail Run Magazine.

For a comprehensive list of races and the general running public's thoughts on everything running head to CoolRunning Australia.

Finally, there are a few bookmarked favourites that I use regularly: Gmaps Pedometer, Slope Gradient Calculator, Muscle directory; The McMillan Running Calculator and Pace Calculator.

When I'm not on the web, I check in on Twitter, especially for up to the minute athlete tracking for big races. It's a great way to hear who's doing what, when and with who, in real time. Gives me something to contemplate on my runs.

I leave for the Grand Slam in 2 weeks and I'm really pumped about it. I'll be updating my website; Facebook page; blog and Twitter while I'm would be great to hear from you and any inspiration you have for me along the way. Life in the long run has its ups and downs and I always draw from other people's experiences and achievements.

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