Open Source Athlete - April Edition

Sunday, 1st April 2012

Frequency and Consistency

In my training I consider the three most important factors are to maintain sustainability, consistency and frequency, ultimately building volume over time.

Through past experience, epic volume weeks too soon can and have followed with either injury or sickness as my body struggled to cope with the massive overload, as a result of overtraining on an inadequate base.

There is a saying I like which says, "slowly, slowly, catchee monkey". Effectively it means that it takes patience and time to achieve your goals. Trying to fast track something like base endurance fitness is usually short lived. Reading blogs of elite ultra athletes and their training volumes, often leaves me inspired and pumped to bring it on. However, what is not apparent in most of the articles, books, blogs etc, is the history of how long it took them to get to the enormous base they have - and the key factor, is time.

Consistency in my training means that every week I run between 110-160kms, and frequency means to me that I run generally 6 out of 7 days including two days where I double run.

On the topic of building volume over time, as Saturday 31st March signalled the end of the first quarter, I thought out of interest I would briefly summarize my 2012 training to date.

Total distance covered 1,801km
Average distance per week 129km
Number weeks run 14
Number of days run 85
Number of days not run (rest days) 13
Number of hours run 182





My aim is obviously to increase these figures over the next quarter in my preparation for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.

Hopefully I can maintain the steady upward path over the next 11 weeks to Western States 100.

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