Glasshouse Mountains 100 miler

I feel as though I have finally recovered from the Comrades Marathon both mentally and physically. I am starting to find that I can now wake up and attack each session with the passion I had earlier on in the year. I am looking forward to training sessions.

Having said that, my next focus is the Glasshouse Mountains 100 mile trail race in September. With only 10 weeks to go until race day, there is a requirement to get in a huge amount of mileage over the coming weeks.

Passionate or not, six and eight hour runs on the weekends are generally not something one looks forward to with delight. Anyhow, this is what I've chosen, because I love what I do. To coin a phrase I heard on the MdS last year, "...suck it up cup cake..", tends to sum up any feelings of sympathy I think I may require while training to run 100 miles (160km).

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