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Monday, 2nd May

It has been a while since I last posted, although the truth is nothing much has happened. I returned from Moab and spent a week in Sydney, and before I knew it, I was back into an informal week of training to start my Challenge Cairns campaign.

I was a bit cautious about getting started again so soon after Moab - (1 week), as virtually this time last year I was in a similar position after having completed the TNF100 in the Blue Mountains and then having 10 weeks before Ultraman Canada. 3 weeks out from UMC I was cooked and ready to race. However this time around I feel as though as I have done all my long training before Moab and am now focussing on quality not so much quantity.

With all that said, I raced a marathon today. It was the 2nd Gold Rush Trail Marathon in Cairns and the weather turned it on for us today. A small keen group of marathoners and half marathoners turned up at the Goldsborough Valley camp ground on a Labour Day public holiday for a race start at 7am and 8:30am respectively. With all the usual suspects toeing the line, my excuse was that it had been a big weekend and that this was a training day.

True to form when the gun fired, the pace was on. Myself and Chris White went head to head for the first 8 or 9km's. Chris was racing in Vibram's and was in stealth mode. At a point all I could hear was his breathing down my neck but couldn't hear the footsteps. I dared not look around. With this image of Chris pacing silently behind me I hammered as hard as I could. Eventually I reached the turnaround and was forced to face the competition. Fortunately I had opened a slight gap and was then able to build on this over the day. I finished the marathon in 2hours 57 minutes. I am really stoked with how it went, and despite having a big weekend, managed to end the epic training block on a high note. I had a mouthful of PowerBar Endurance Drink, one PowerBar Gel, and about 500ml's of water throughout the race. Not a lot when you think of it.

The next bit of news was that I have been accepted to race in the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run on the 23rd July 2011. This works out to be 7 weeks after the Challenge Cairns. The race is held in the San Gabriel Mountains about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles, and is rated in the top ten hardest 100 milers in the US. I feel privileged to have gained a spot for such an awesome event, and hope to recover well enough to give it a good go. 

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