Moab 100 mile run

Tuesday, 8th February 2011

Moab has now become pretty much a reality. After much deliberation, I finally booked my tickets using flyer miles.........all of them! (And then some).

Since the day I started running with ultra-marathons as my focus, I have always talked up doing 100's (100 mile or 160km runs). To date I have not run a meter further than 100km in a single effort, and at the end of that, I certainly couldn't comprehend running another 60km. So the time has come for me to step up to the 100mile plate and "have a go".

I spent a large portion of 2009 training for my first 100miler, which wasn't to eventuate due to chronic Achilles Tendinitis. After that I focussed on Ultraman and strayed from the pure running discipline. With a desire to finish Badwater one day, I had best get started meeting the criteria of completing 3 x 100 mile races. Moab is the first cab off the rank and will no doubt have a vertical learning curve.

10 weeks after Moab is the Challenge Cairns. This doesn't leave much time for recovery, so with this in mind, I am adopting a more Ultraman training strategy approach by incorporating some big swims and rides into my Moab training plan. I figure that at least when I am ready to rumble for Challenge Cairns, swimming and biking won't be a foreign concept.

So with this in mind and 7 weeks 'til Moab, I can only but hope that I have made the right choice.

I will let you know in 7 weeks and 2 days.

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