Ultraman World Championships Hawaii 2010 Race Report

Thursday, 3rd December 2010

I had intended to write this post race update for many days but in reading through the three update emails / blogs I think I managed to cover the sequence of events.

*Photo credits: Josh Baker (Azulox.com

Update blog day 1

Update blog day 2Mike_pre_race_swim

Update blog day 3

Check out photo gallery - Credits to Josh Baker (Azulox.com), Tim Carlson (Slowtwitch.com), Rick Kent (Endurophoto.com)

The last few days have been really fun, although I have been sore and battled to sleep on the first two nights. I have managed to have some R&R and tried to email as many people as I could to thank for their interest and support.Mike_Bike_1

What's left for me to do is to thank the many people and companies that have got me here today. I recognize that I could not have achieved what I did without them.

So in no particular order, my sincere appreciation goes to:

My awesome wife and crew support, Kirsten

My crew and swim support, Jan War

Ultraman Race organizers, Jane Bockus, Sheryl Cobb, Dave Cobb, Steve King

Arup, Stewart, Rob LC, Rob D

Pump N Pedals, Brad, Tris, Odie, Wes, Jay, Harry, Darran, Stewart

Butlers Body in Balance, Gavin and Angela Butler and Katrina

Specialized, MattMike_Finish_2

Saucony, Luke

PowerBar, Daniel

Cairns Yoga Academy, Eva Bertozzi

Active Health Club – Pease Street, Sally

Kim Kotzur

Glen Deakin

Peter Hutchison

My friends at the Tobruk Pool morning squad, Jason, Eva, Ted, Max, Kaye, Julie, George

And to so many others, friends and family who encouraged and supported me.

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