Ultraman; Day 3 update

Wednesday, 1st December 2010

Thanks so much for the many, many texts, emails, calls, messages etc. I really appreciate it. A very overwhelming day so I will keep this blog short and get some sleep then write a proper race report soon, and upload some photos.

I know Kirst tweeted a bit about what happened today, but basically I decided that if I was so far behind to begin with I'd have to go out hard and hope I could hold on. I ran the first 10km in 40mins, and found myself up the front feeling like it was pretty unsustainable. By the 21km mark, I was with three Brazilians, none of whom were in overall contention but were keeping a blistering run pace. By the first marathon I was a fair way ahead and went through at 3hrs 04mins, half hour faster than last year at the same point. I wondered if I had overdone it at this point (so did many others I think).

Getting splits from the others as they were going through the first marathon I learned that in terms of overall standing I was 15 minutes ahead of Fletcher (so 24 mins run time) and 30secs behind Colting (so 32 mins run time).

This gave me hope, but I still had a way to go and my pace was dropping off, also I was hurting, quads and generally. Plus it was getting hot and the Queen K is a lava surrounded, long merciless road to run along.

By the 64 km mark (3/4 point) I had dropped 15 mins off the pace but I was still feeling okay. I went through at 4hr 52mins. Then waited and heard that Fletcher went through at 5hrs 19 and Colting at 5hr 42mins. Now I knew if I could just hold it together over the next few kms I'd have it. I had to grit my teeth a bit for the last 10kms but I held a steady pace to finish strong with a run time of 6hrs 31mins for 84kms. My last year's run time was 7hr 04, so I felt so happy with the improvement there.

After I crossed the finish I had to wait the 32 mins before I was officially Ultraman World Champion, but it was an incredible time. My overall time was 21 hrs 55 mins 57 s, 5th fastest course time, and I knocked an hour and 12 mins off my last year's race time, which was the thing I was most pleased about because I feel like some of the new training I did worked. Colting came in at 22hrs 19.54 (run 7hr27) and Fletcher at 22hr 21.54 (run 7hr06), two top competitors.

I have so many people to thank for this achievement (my Ohana and Kokua as they say in Hawaii), and I will list them all tomorrow in my blog, because I couldn't have done it without them.

Thanks for following the race, Mahalo!

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