Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thursday, 25th November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're just about to head off to the Ultraman thanksgiving breakfast and final briefing before the race start tomorrow morning. Yesterday we managed to get quite a bit done in terms of shopping for race supplies and packing kit for the race, also went to registration and picked up all the paraphernalia.

Ultraman have an ultra race goodie bag too – a highlight of the race – heaps of local product (e.g Lionsgate coffee) and really race sponsored product (eg Kayenne googles, Ocean Potion sport sunblock, BioAstin antioxidant vitamins), plus a pair of K-Swiss runners, nutrition, towels, clothes and race keepsakes. Like Christmas come early.

I just went for a short run this morning and felt good, so that's it for exercise today, I'll stay off my legs before the race tomorrow. We pick up the van at midday today, then we'll head up to Jan's house (our crew) to collect his gear and borrow some of his crates and esky's etc and then back to Kona for a final pack, ready for a 630am swim start. We can see the swim start from our apartment which is handy!

In true Ultraman spirit there has been lots of opportunity to meet with the competition, exchange stories and size each other up. Also we've been out for a couple of swims together. It's going to be a tough race. Everyone is looking ready for this.

Thanks to so many who have sent texts and emails this week – I appreciate them, and out there on the course it helps to think that so many friends are following me. I have been training specifically for Ultraman since August 2009 since I did my first one, so I'm really trusting that 15 months of training and focus plus two races under my belt will result in an improved time for each leg of the race – swim, bike and run. Ultraman is such a long hard race, you can't think too far ahead of yourself and you have to keep firmly to your own race plan and goals. I'm going out there to race myself and my personal best times, if that's good enough to get me near the podium, I know that I will be giving everything I have to step up.

Aloha and Mahalo!

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