Training summary and countdown to Ultraman

Sunday, 14th November 2010

There is now less than two weeks until the Ultraman World Championships in Kona. We leave Cairns on Sunday 21st November and arrive in Kona on the same day.

I have already started to taper in this last week of training, although the next two weeks will see a significant drop in volume. The focus will be on intensity, recovery and making sure that all niggles are ironed out before the 26th November.

With only 16 weeks between Ultraman Canada and Ultraman Hawaii, there wasn't a heap of downtime to relax and enjoy life. I planned a 13 week training strategy for Hawaii with the paramount focus on consistency as opposed to overall volume. Given that this will be my third Ultraman in a period of 12 months, including a 100km trail race in the Blue Mountains (TNF100), as well as numerous local races, I figured that my base should be fairly well developed.

Backing up so quickly after Canada, I also had to deal with muscle fatigue, not too mention mental fatigue. However, with two weeks of taper ahead of me I can only hope that what I have done to prepare will set me in good stead. Two sayings I really love, "It is what it is", and "It will be what it will be" come to mind. There is nothing more I can do now.

Below is a summary of the past 11 weeks of training. It outlines total volumes and times for the full 11 weeks. I have also included an average for the weeks.

Training Summary - 11 weeks
Weeks        Time (hours)      Total Mileage (km)      Swim      Bike      Run     
11 227 4290 158.2 3457 675
Avg / wk 21 390 14 314 61

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