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Today is Saturday 14th August 2010. Normally one would say, "a week ago today.......", however we didn't actually have a Saturday 7th August – we left Los Angeles on Friday 6th and landed in Brisbane on Sunday 8th and missed Saturday completely. Seemingly our lives would have been a day shorter, despite the fact that going the other way we gained a day. So in essence they cancel each other out, and we are all square again.

I have now had time to reflect on the manic week in Penticton, and what a fantastic trip it really was. Despite being totally rapt with my race, it was also the friendships and bonds that we made while there. Ultraman fosters a true family spirit – with no single entity more important than the next.

For Kirsten and I it is an opportunity to experience a different culture, but also to bond and strengthen our home team.

It has been a long week. We got into Cairns around 2pm on Sunday arvo and unpacked everything, did washing, mowed the grass and did some grocery shopping. Then, back to work on Monday. Sorting through emails and in-trays, all the while reminiscing about what we were doing a week before. It has taken a full week to adjust back into the old routine.

Aside from just getting my head around normal stuff, a number of other really cool things also happened. One of the highlights this week was that I attended an after school activity at St. Francis Xavier's School as part of an Australian Sports Commission initiative called Legends Week. This put me way outside of my comfort zone. Interacting with kids ranging in age from Prep to 12yr olds is a cool yet harrowing experience. These guys were on fire. Cramped up all day in the class room and then released after school. It was chaos. Kids were running and shouting all over the place. A far cry from the solitude of a long distance run!

I was also lucky enough to get a few articles in the paper and even an awesome segment on the local WIN News.

When we lived in Melbourne I trained with a squad and became mates with a guy called Phil Wrochna. Over the past few years we had lost contact until this week again. Phil is a journalist and manages a sports based website called First Off the Bike. Phil very generously agreed to publish an article on the website. This was sensational news for me as First Off the Bike has massive exposure in the southern states and will hopefully gain interest from potential sponsors. Check out the article below.

first off the bike - taking triathlon to the limit

For now though, it is about relaxing and enjoying exercise for what it is. I will not be following any structured routine for the next three or so weeks, although will still keep a hand in all three disciplines. I need to lose some conditioning so that I can re-build again for yet another peak phase in November. Part of not maintaining a structured routine despite still actually exercising will be the mental relaxation. Not having to think that each session counts towards something will be refreshing.

Easier said than done!



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