Ultraman Canada – Thank you to those that have got me to this point

Ultraman Canada is finally here. Kirsten and I head off on Tuesday 27th July to Penticton (400km East – inland of Vancouver).

We leave on Tuesday morning and arrive in Penticton at 5pm Tuesday afternoon. It makes for a long day, but at least we can transition into Penticton time, and hopefully get some shut-eye in a normal time zone sequence.

What is done is done. There is nothing more I can do to prepare - I just have to let things run their course. The race kicks off on Saturday 31st July. The word from the locals is that the weather is great and everyone is excited. We will update the website after each day of the race, although I'm sure the official event site www.ultramancanada.com will have updates as we move through the course over three days.

There are a number of Cairns locals I would like to thank for getting me to this point so far.

Pump n' Pedals. It has been like having my own workshop, wardrobe, and gear stockist. If it's not in, they get it. When it's in, they fit it. If it's broke, they fix it. In other words they make a plan. Their support over the past few years and in particular the past 3 months has been awesome. It is having the confidence of the backing and support that provides a platform for the opportunity to push the boundaries. I am truly grateful to have access to a resource like Brad Shannon and his team – Tris, Odie, Wes, Stuart, Harry, JayBo and Daz.

The Courthouse Hotel. Claud and Jonathon put on a fantastic sponsorship lunch in which about 60 people attended. It was an awesome day and showed me just how much local support I have.

Bluey Forsyth. Bluey has provided the platform for me to share my experiences to date with Cairns. Bluey also emceed at the Courthouse lunch, kept things flowing, and went easy on me in the interview. His interest and enthusiasm for what I do, continues to buoy me.

Gavin Butler from Butlers Body in Balance. Gav has been bending me back into shape every two weeks for as long as I can remember. Sports massage has been an essential part of my preparation and has kept me relatively injury free.

Specialized. Matt from Specialized has bent over backwards to afford me the opportunity to ride some top quality machinery. I'll be racing on the S-Works Tarmac SL-3, and have also been lucky enough to race the Redlynch Valley Estate Multisport race on the S-Works Epic.

And so many others who in small and big ways have supported me to this point.

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