Ultraman Canada - Day 3

Run 84km: 7hr 17min


Thanks to everyone for texts, emails and thoughts – it helped a lot to get me through today.

The day started at elevation and so we had a freezing morning, about 7 degrees and it stayed at 11 degrees until about 930am before slowing rising at mid day. This was great for the locals that trained through winter, but coming from Cairns I was cold!!

I raced all day on my own, passed no one and was passed by no one – without cell phone coverage for pretty much the entire course, there was no way my crew could get information on what was happening ahead of me or behind me. They would go up the road and back for as long as they could leave me – about 8 mins each way so I knew that for the entire course Kevin Cutjar was at least 8 mins ahead and Mike Coughlin was at least 8 mins or more behind. It was a quiet, remote gravel road so there really wasn't even much traffic, just spectacular Canadian scenery.

Quad smashing elevation – I don't think I ran along a single flat, and the last 20 kms was a brutal downhill, I literally had to grit my teeth.

I had a race plan of an even split double and I stuck to it. 3h 37m for the first marathon and 3h 40m for the second, giving me a total run time of 7h 17m for the 84 km run course. Mike Coughlin running in 16 mins behind me (Coughlin 3rd overall, 53 mins in total behind me).

That time meant that I finished 2nd overall behind Cutjar in a total course time of 22 h 36 m 54 s, it was also a good enough total course time to beat the record, which means that I hold the second fastest course record now for the race which is in its 10th year. I also broke the record for my age group (Male 30-39).

So a long with breaking the swim course record, I really couldn't be happier with my results. I feel like I achieved was I set out to do here – which was be competitive and my training paid off.

I also beat my Hawaii Ultraman time by 30 mins, so watch this space in November!!!

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