Ultraman Canada - Day 1

Swim 10km: 2hr 34min

Bike 145km: 4hr 22min

It's been hot and dry all week (34-37 degrees Celsius) but this morning we walked to a swim start clouded over, windy and cold (22 degrees). Not ideal.

However within a half hour of the swim start the wind died down and so did the choppy water and it was a fast swim overall.

Tom Jasper did an awesome job of paddling for me and got me a straight line to the first 8km buoy. I raced the last 500 metres hard to try and beat the swim course record of 2h 35m 45 secs for 10km, and I did – clocking across the timing mat at 2h 34: 32 and then running back into the water to take off my wet suit.

As a result of the fast finish my transition is a blur, I reckon it was about 4 mins and I was in such a hyped state that I put things on backwards and got tied up in my bike top. Not very strategic!

Then onto the bike where I kept my lead until the last 15kms, and finished 2 mins 7 secs behind Kevin Cutjar overall, who is now the leader.

Three cyclists including myself beat the day 1 bike course record of 4h 24: 34 for 145kms. My bike time was 4h 22:25, it was a brutal pace and I hope I don't pay for it over the next two days. I cramped my abdominals on the bike trying to wipe glass off my singles (tyres) and over reaching. It wasn't fun and set me back a bit.

Day two starts at 6am and is a gruelling hilly course over 275kms on the bike and there are 6 guys that are all good cyclists, so it's still early days yet but at least day one has put me in a good starting position.

Thanks for your texts, emails and support – I love them and they help get me through.

Thanks Ted – for pushing me in the pool, it obviously paid off!!

Overall time Day one: 6hrs 56mins 57 secs.

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